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August 17, 2009

March 2, 2007

  • Event Recap:

    Santa Ana, California
    February 24th, 2007


    Thank you everyone for the nice comments, phone calls, & text messages.  Now that things have settled down a little I can finally talk about what happened that day.

    The Accident:

    Last Saturday after having lunch with some of my friends at Red Robin I was driving my friend home at about 3:30.  He lives in a residential neighborhood in Santa Ana and while I’m driving down a 2 lane residential street there is a highlander trailing behind me. [Scene 1]

    His house is on the left side of the street so before I turn into his driveway I slow down and begin to make my left turn.  I guess while I was slowing down the driver behind me thought I was either stopping or pulling to the right (who knows?) and decides to try and pass me by moving into the oncoming traffic lane and pass me. [Scene 2]

    Well of course while I’m making my left turn he speeds up and hits the front left corner of my car with the front right corner of his car [Scene 3].  The craziest thing was Emanuel (the passenger in my car) and I both had the same thought after the accident…….”did that shit just happen?”

    The Aftermath:

    I’ll fill everyone in later on what exactly happened but here are some pictures of the accident after it happened.

    The funny thing is that since most of the damage was done to my bumper and my hood didn’t bend to much on the ride home it didn’t seem like anything was wrong w/ my car…..well except for the fact my bumper was in my back seat.

    [Note:] If you look really closely in that second picture you can see the cholos contemplating rather to kick our asses for getting near their Celica. Hahahahah


    I call the other guy’s insurance company and file a claim.  They tell me to take my car in for an estimate and it ends up being $4,200 worth of damage!!!  The agent then goes on to tell me that the other guy said the accident wasn’t his fault and that I hit him!

    Lucky for me after the agent saw photos of both my car and his car it was clear cut it was his fault.  Not only did he hit me he was passing on my left side into oncoming traffic.  The agent lets me know that his insurance company will be accepting liability and that they will fix my car and pay for my rental while it’s in the shop.  It should take at least 12 days to fix and until then here’s my new ride…..


February 15, 2007

  • Picture of the Day:

    Lan’s Apartment
    February 14th, 2007

    Don’t I have a big heart.

    Well this picture of course is in honor of Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to take this picture this morning but it wasn’t dark enough in my apartment and I still hadn’t quite figured out how to use my new camera until late this evening.

    The light trail is actually a picture of a lighter being moved through the air in the shape of a heart.  I was able to achieve this effect by setting up my camera on a tripod and setting it to a longer exposure and shutter speed.  I wasn’t able to do this with my old camera so I’m very happy how it turned out.

    So how was your Valentine’s Day?

February 5, 2007

  • Question of The Day:

    Every year over 100 Million people pack into living rooms & all over the country to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.  But what everyone knows is at least 50 million people watch no other football games other than the Super Bowl.  In fact they probably aren’t even paying attention to the game.  Why is this you may ask?  It’s because of the question on everyone’s mind the next day.

    No…..it’s not who won the Super Bowl, or how much junk food and alcohol you had.  The question on everyone’s mind on Monday morning is.


    My Choice:

    For me this year it was an easy choice.  Snickers is actually my favorite candy bar and to have them bust out with the best commercial of the night was a nice surprise.

    Click here or watch below to view the commercial.

    BTW:  I’ve decided I’m never eating a Snickers bar around any guys again…..EVER 

    Best of the Rest:

    If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Super Bowl yesterday or just want to find that one commercial that made you bowl over in laughter.  Go to ifilms they have a good chunk of the best commercials.  And if you are to lazy to even go there here are my picks for honorable mention:
    ~Blockbuster: Mouse
    ~Bud Light: Auctioneer Wedding
    ~Coca Cola: Grand Theft Auto
    ~Garmin: Ultraman
    ~GM: Car Wash Dudes
    ~Bud Light: Slapping
    ~Taco Bell: Lions
    ~Emerald Nuts: Robert Goulet
    ~Bud Light: Hitchhiker
    ~GM: Robot
    ~CareerBuilder: Office Jungle Fight

    [Edit:] According to Irene & Alice I forgot one.
    ~Bud Light: Rock, Paper, Scissors

    The Game:

    I spent my Super Bowl Sunday kicking it with good friends (Michelle, Steve, Ken, Hoang, Kim & Brent) at Steve’s house.  We watched the game on Steve’s new HDTV and we indulged in chili dogs, chips w/ salsa and cheese, bruschetta, brownies, ice cream, & beer.  Good times….

    The game while it wasn’t that pretty was great in my eyes because I was rooting for the Indianapolis Colts to win.  I’m happy to see Peyton Manning finally get his ring to go with the exceptional football he plays year in and year out.  Goes to show you hard work does pay off.


January 28, 2007

  • Event Recap:

    Kayaking, Newport Harbor
    January 28th, 2007

    Sunday Funday:

    After a night of drinking the last thing you want to hear at 10:30am on a Sunday morning is your phone ringing.  Turns out it’s my friend Emanuel on the other line and in about 30 minutes he’s going to go kayaking.  My first thought was ‘fuck you’ but then I realized it’d be worth it once I got out there so I decide to head out to my friends Sheryl’s house to meet up Emanuel, my friend Linden, & Sheryl.

    We all pile into a car and head out to Newport Harbor to the Newport Aquatic Center (NAC).  This is the second time I’ve ever gone kayaking and my first visit to the NAC.  [The NAC is a non-profit corporation offering the public unique opportunities in the Olympic water sports of rowing, canoeing, kayaking and outrigger canoe competition.]

    Newport Aquatic Center

    My friend Linden took a class there a couple of year ago so we just had to head straight back to the back of the center grab 4 kayaks, 4 vests, & 4 oars and drag our asses down to the shore to launch.

    Watch these bitches do my work

    The weather was perfect in my eyes.  Sun was just peaking through the clouds and there was only a slight breeze from the ocean.  The next 3 hours were some of the most relaxing I’ve ever had in my life.  Being out on the ocean in your own kayak you don’t have time to think about any of the problems you may have.  They all just melt away…

    A New Job?


    My vote goes to the caption on the second picture.


    While, drifting away and letting my own thoughts just seep over me I realized one of the real reasons I was having a good time was because I was spending it with friends I’ve known for over 10 years.  Also, it just goes to show you that you don’t always need alcohol to bond with friends

    I’m a little more excited than everyone else for some reason.

    Also, I have to say my friend Emanuel is a genius.  He realized that if you lean back on your kayak you can just let the current take you away and soak up the sun and relax. 

    Laziest guy I know.


    If you live anywhere near water I totally recommend you go kayaking at least once.  The experience is something you’ll never forget.  You don’t even need to be a strong swimmer because they give you life jackets in the small chance you’ll fall into the water.

    A Sunday afternoon well spent…..

January 14, 2007

  • Picture of the Day:

    Newport Seafood, Santa Ana
    January 14th, 2007

    Do they make adult high chairs?  I think I want one 

    Open Wide…..

    Ok, so I’m cheating a little because I’m putting up two ”pictures of the day” but this past weekend was my nephew‘s first visit to California.  Kill me.

December 25, 2006

  • Life’s Little Diversions:

    Happy Holidays!

    With the ring of jingle bells on the wind and lights of white, blue, yellow, and red flashing…I thought it’d be nice to add to the Christmas spirit.   Sometimes I wish I could trade in the nice warm California weather for the cold & refreshing winter mornings of Atlanta again.

    (Use the slider or click on the buttons to get it going; Click the musical note for some Christmas music)

December 18, 2006

  • Question of The Day:

    My initial plan for this Sunday was to just relax at home and watch some football.  My plans changed however when I walked in to my living room this morning and I saw an old friend sitting in the corner.  It’s been months since I’ve spent time with her and I decided spending time with her was definitely worth putting my relaxing on the back burner.

    So who was it you ask?  Well, it was my black & white Schwinn beach cruiser of course.

    Isn’t she a beauty?

    Earlier this month my apartment complex decided to repaint my patio and building, so I had to bring my bike in from and sit her in my living room.

    So after cleaning her up and changing my clothes I head out on my Sunday ride.  I have to say it was exhilarating.  Something about the nice slow bike ride changed the same streets I drive on every day.  You start noticing things like the leaves on the floor, the smell of the water from the creek, & just how damn cold it is right now.

    After stopping by In-N-Out for some grub I head back home, park my bike and make a promise to take her out to play a little bit more from time to time.

    So my question to all of you is:

    What have you been
    neglecting lately?

December 14, 2006

  • Event Recap:

    Genki Living!
    December 11th, 2006

    Restaurant Review:

    Genki Living!!!!

    For the past several months now I’ve been going to this great crepe shop in Irvine called Genki Living.  My friends introduced me to it and I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first visit.

    First off, Genki is a quaint shop nestled into a strip mall in Irvine.  Whenever I’m forced to describe it to friends all I can think of saying is: “It’s a Japanese desert crepe shop”.


    Uhmmmmm…  Yum!

    There are over a 100 different items to order at Genki (such as desert, sandwich crepes, slushies, etc…etc…) but if you have to order anything on your first visit it’s definitely a desert crepe.  On my first visit I ordered a Desert Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Almonds, & Chocolate Gnutella.

    The crepe is made fresh to order and is meant to be eaten right away.  After they call out your order you pick up your crepe which is rolled into a cone and inserted into a cup for easy eating.  The way I prefer to enjoy my desert crepe is to break off a piece of the warm crisp outer shell into your mouth and then plop a bit of ice cream to join in on the fun.  Trust me your taste buds will jump for joy.

    Crepe Making in Action!!!!


    The theme of the restaurant is “life station” and it’s apparent as you walk in.  There is a mock up subway along the right side of the shop with working doors and the counter area has a very cute “asian pop” decor.  On the weekends they have a plasma screen on the back playing asian music videos to lighten the mood.

    One minor complaint about Genki is that their choice of seating is horrible.  The chairs are flimsy and tip over at the slightest nudge.


    Genki Living is definitely a place worth checking out if you’re in the Orange County/Irvine area and want a place to hang with friends and have a unique treat to bond over.

    Welcome Back Bitch:

    On Sunday Steve, a good friend of mine, calls me up and says he’s just landed in town after spending a couple weeks away in Hong Kong & Taiwan.  He wants to catch up with our merry band of friends at Genki last night and I of course let him know I’ll be there.

    I’m not sure what to expect because the last time we all meet up at Genki was after my friends Eric & Christian announced they were getting married.  (Congrats by the way you two)  Anyways, we all sit down to catch up and Steve lets us know he got us some presents for us.

    Well when he walks in the door I notice a small bag he’s gripping in his hand.  He lets us know he came back from Asia bearing presents!!!!

    Surprise #1:

    Die! Die! Die!

    The first round of presents were for the people he’s been playing an online game with called Guild Wars.  He got them these cute little asian voodoo dolls.    I haven’t made the time to play with them so I was a little jealous I was included in this surprise but that’s ok because to compensate he gave me a side gift for good measure. =)

    Yeah, his muscles were modeled off my own body.  =p

    Surprise #2:

    Well Steve on to let us know that he has another surprise for us.  He dips his hand in to his small brown bag and pulls out what looks to me at first like patterned bandanas.

    AzN SaNtA

    He then lets us know that while he was in Asia he saw these and couldn’t resist getting them for us.  Guess what they were? 

    Decorative SARS masks!!!! 

    Of course all of us grabbed our favorite designs and put them on right on the spot.


    We all thanked Steve and then spent the rest of the night just talking about life and Eric & Christian’s new baby.  Of course afterwards we couldn’t pass up on the chance to do our favorite impression of creepy old asian guys trying to grope people.

    So here we are in all are perverseness.

    Give Me Some!!!!

    I just wanted to thank my friend Steve again for the nice gifts and even a bigger heart felt thanks for getting the group together for a nice night out at Genki….

    Picture of the Day:

    [L-R] Hung, Crystal, Christian, Lan, Michelle, Kim, Steve, Darrell.